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GTI Announces Summer Intern Program

March 16, 2016 | Global Training Institute

Madison County, MS (GTI)  A core value of our company is to engage in the community, by enriching the lives of future leaders in science, medicine and research. We are pleased to announce a summer intern program for outstanding young adults who represent our core values of excellence both in the classroom and the community. Our goal is to provide rich and robust learning experiences locally to those who demonstrate a high-propensity to become future leaders in their respective professions.
GTI provides a strategic and comprehensive learning model that exposes students to a varied clinical, research and laboratory experience. During the summer of 2016, our interns will work closely with surgeons from across the country in cadaver labs while learning the latest innovative techniques in the operating room. Additionally, advanced practice nurses alongside flight paramedics, flight nurses, trauma and critical care nurses will provide a well-rounded experience for our interns.
Armed forces and law enforcement personnel also learn live-saving techniques here at GTI including tactical and operational exercises. Live-fire helicopter missions are the pinnacle of their experience as we train flight paramedics and nurses in preparation for nationally certified board examinations.
GTI is honored to have these outstanding interns as part of the GTI team..

Aidan Nichols

Ms. Nichols is currently a senior at Brandon High School in Brandon, MS. She is pursing a degree as a nurse practitioner and will begin her college career at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. She recently signed an athletic scholarship in Women’s Softball at the college following multiple athletic awards including All-Division Team, Most Versatile and Best All Around.

Skylarr Beerman

Mr. Beerman is a current undergraduate student at Mississippi College where he is pursuing a biological medical science degree with aspirations of attending medical school upon graduation. He is currently a Junior expecting to graduate in May of 2018. Skylarr is from Southaven, MS.

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