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E-Learning for Medical Personnel

E-Learning During COVID

These unprecedented times have left us in a state of creating a new normal. Novel ways of interacting are being created in every microcosm of life, from simply getting groceries, attempting to work, completing education, to ‘socializing’ with loved ones. With COVID-19, while so much is uncertain and potentially scary, there are many benefits to keeping your mind active and engaged. 

Online Learning Training For Nurse Practitioners

If you’re in the medical field, now could be the perfect opportunity to complete some of your continuing education credits. Not only can you occupy your mind instead of wasting away in boredom at home, you can also further your career and set yourself up for success in the time that follows COVID-19. 

GTI is a medical learning platform for Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) and Acute Care Nurse Practitioners (ACNPs) through which you can complete continuing education credits. GTI provides educational opportunities for every topic necessary in the medical fields of emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and primary and urgent care. 

You may be thinking that  e-learning seems custom designed for theoretical or knowledge based learning, where clinical or lab practice is not required. Yet, with today’s technology, a capable learning management system (such as that at GTI) can work in a blended learning scenario where images, videos, visualizations and interactive animations can be used for labs and clinical practices. 

E-Learning Anytime, Anywhere

For the average healthcare professional, extra time is hard to find. Right now, you may have an incredibly busy work schedule, honorably caring for those suffering from the virus. Or you may be at home, nobly caring for your children who aren’t going into the classroom right now. Completing your CEs online gives you the opportunity to choose when and where you complete courses. It could be from your couch or favorite lounge chair at midnight, or it could be from your office at 9am during a break from the hospital hustle and bustle. E-learning provides you the opportunity to learn without feeling pulled in a thousand different directions. 

The 24/7 availability of e-learning also allows you to move at your own pace. If you want to knock out your CE credits in one fell swoop and can commit a lot of time, you can complete your classes quickly. Or, if your workload and home life are demanding, you can complete the units in a slow and steady pace. Your own timing is exactly what you get to follow. GTI promotes learning at your own pace and helps you complete the necessary credits.

Available GTI E-Learning Courses include: 

  • 12 Lead EKG Comprehensive Review
  • Opioid Prescribing Course
  • Post Resuscitation Care
  • Cricothyroidotomy 
  • Weight Gain + Fatigue
  • Epigastric Pain After Meals
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertensive Emergencies
  • Arthrocentesis – Joint Injections Lab
  • Blood and Fluid Therapy: Shock
  • Principles of Mechanical Ventilation
  • Intubation
  • Non-Healing Skin Lesions
  • Urinary Frequency
  • Pneumonia
  • Active Respiratory Failure
  • Electrolyte Disturbances
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Enhanced Collaboration and Interaction

Remaining at home is imperative for your safety (and others’) these days. While you might not be able to stay home from work, you can choose to stay home when you’re not working. With e-learning from home or the office, you have instant access to colleagues across the world who are working on your same continuing education credits from a safe and secure space. Get a break from the isolation and loneliness that result from staying in. 

Problem solving and collaborating with others propels your understanding of educational content, and pushes you to excel at a high level. With GTI e-learning, you are provided with direct access to subject matter experts and given tools you may not have otherwise come across. Collaboration and brainstorming with e-learning fellow students can help provide a deeper grasp of the content through exploration and discussion. 

Increased Success Learning Online for Nurses

According to the World Health Organization, e-learning is an incredibly effective learning method due to the variety of participation avenues. After all, we are all unique beings and that means different people need different approaches to learning. E-learning utilizes diverse formats including texts, audios, videos, team presentations, worksheets, interactive studies, gamification boards, and discussion boards. Studies have proven that gamification enhances engagement and improves retention which gives that method an added bonus! Additionally, the success rate of e-learning tools is higher because you’re able to access a wide variety of information from different resources. The result is that you’re engaging with others, connecting with the content, and having fun! 

So there you have it! With GTI e-learning, you get to stay in the safety of your home while collaborating with other medical professionals, learning and retaining at a higher level,  and also utilizing the format in which you learn best. Increase your performance and productivity with one easy step: sign up for e-learning with GTI. Best of all, this approach enables you to have more fun! 

Stay Current with the Dynamic World of Medicine

So far, we have the advantages of e-learning as time efficiency, connections with others, deeper learning, greater productivity, and fun from the safety of your own home. Another benefit is being able to stay up to date on the ever changing medical world. As new procedures, prescriptions and treatments appear on almost a daily basis, e-learning systems like that at GTI have become an easy and reliable answer. 

In your field, it is a matter of life or death to be knowledgeable on the latest techniques, methods, medications, processes, etc. GTI e-learning courses are a completely reliable source  of the latest and greatest in medicine. We are committed to updating our content on a daily (if not more frequent) basis. Our team of researchers and educators ensure that we’re providing you with the newest information so that you stay at the top of your field. That way, as new techniques, theories, and drugs are introduced, as well as methods of operating new (and very costly) equipment, your learning management system from GTI has you covered and in the know.

Staying current on both your CE units and changes in the medical field in general places you in the perfect position for career advancement. Employers recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to complete CEs while working, which speaks to your work ethic and dedication. Most importantly, the skills and knowledge learned by completing these e-learning courses make you an irreplaceable asset to your employer. When debating about potential candidates for advancement, your furthered education puts you at the top of the list. Visit GTI where you are offered exceptional skills value, definitely worth your while.

FNPs and ACNPs

GTI offers e-learning courses specifically suited for each of your areas of expertise. We provide exactly what you need, giving you the most effective and relevant learning in your specific field. 


If you are a Family Nurse Practitioner, we know you’ll need general and clinically based courses. We know your education needs to cover all that you’ll require to provide patient care across the lifespan. To that end, our offered e-learning courses range from diagnosis to treatment, disease management and health prevention. Courses are designed to work across different specialties, in various healthcare environments and care for patients of all ages. We have some tailored e-learning opportunities for you, to name just a few:

  • Core Procedural Lab (Hybrid Course Work)
  • Opioid Prescriber Course
  • Joint Injection Cadaver Lab 


If you are an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, you have different educational needs than FNPs. Our courses are designed to give you the continued education needed for patients’ physical exams and diagnostic tests along with interpreting test results. Classes aid in diagnosis and treatment options. GTI strives to cover the range of topics you’ll need most. To that end, we provide emergency procedure updates and trauma specific courses. For ACNPs a few of our class offerings are:

  • Emergency Cadaver Lab
  • Opioid Prescriber Course
  • 12 Lead EKG Comprehensive Review

In addition, GTI provides 30 of the procedure hours you’ll need to prepare to pass the Emergency Nurse Practitioner exam for those with that goal in mind! 

The listed courses are just a few of the catalog of courses GTI provides through e-learning. We have you covered and we want to meet all your e-learning needs so you can stay current, remain at the top of your field, stay in perfect placement for promotion, and do this all from the safety of your own home/office, at your own pace! Visit our site to see the full catalog of our emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and primary and urgent care courses tailored specifically for FNPs and ACNPs. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is truly changing the way people work and learn. To reduce the risk of contagion and keep people healthy, many organizations, including the medical field, are reducing in-person interactions through the use of virtual platforms. GTI has the e-learning solution for you! Complete your CEs from the comfort and safety of your home in a fun, interactive, and engaging environment. Wishing you and yours safety and health! 

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