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Are your prepared for an Active Shooter?

Madison County, MS (GTI) A bedrock of our mission to saves lives includes workplace violence and active shooter preparedness. Violence can take place in any workplace, but emotions run particularly high in medical facilities. GTI provides customized courses for both corporate and medical facilities to improve preparation, response times and ultimately save as many lives as possible.
GTI Active-Shooter course is designed to provide information on how identify, predict, mitigate and respond to workplace violence, crime, and terrorism. A 2 – 4 hour didactic course is mandatory for entry level facilities.  Statistical information regarding violent crimes in the United States is provided as an information source for understanding the rising tide of violence. Discussion of employee roles and duties during an Active Shooter situation are just the beginning as table-top scenarios are covered.
A more advanced Active Shooter course follows with scenario driven simulation in our 10,000 sqare foot facility, with real-world office space, warehousese and medical laboratory to simulate live scenarios. Incorporation of professional actors, shooters and a high-fidelity simulation brings to life training you receive in the classroom. Both military and law enforcement exercise evaluation team (EET) members observe and provide a robust debriefing following the operational exercise. Our expert faculty has trained DoD, FBI, ATF, Navy Seals and many military installations across the U.S.
Contact us today to learn more about an active shooter course in your medical or corporate facility.
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