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COVID-19 : Mechanical Ventilation Course

Course Description

This course provides a concise review of the essential skills of mechanical ventilation. The declared National Emergency due to COVID-19 has resulted in unique healthcare challenges as the pandemic continues.

Across the nation, healthcare facilities  are utilizing Registered Nurses (RNs) from non-ICU specialty areas to prepare for the predicted high-volume of COVID-19 ventilated ICU patients. This highly-trained workforce comes from Step-Down Units, PACU, Same Day Surgery and Emergency Departments. RNs may potentially care for mechanically ventilated patients with no or limited experience.

COVID-19 patients present with unique physiological conditions similar to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), requiring high PEEP and FiO2. Care  for these patients is complicated, requiring critical mechanical ventilation skills. 

Instructor Christopher Powe, Ph.D.
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