Emergency Medicine Series

This Emergency Medicine Series encompasses many of the most common clinical skills required in the ED. Emergency Advanced Practice providers report this a timely series that provides a comprehensive review for ENP Board examinations in addition to meeting the procedural hours requirement.

Emergency Medicine Series

In these unique times, you may be searching for a way to stay current on your Emergency Medicine best practices while also completing your FNP CE credits. GTI has the answer for you! Our series of Emergency Medicine e-learning courses for Family Nurse Practitioners is unrivaled in its ability to provide you with a comprehensive review for ENP exams in a timely manner. If you’re stretched thin and searching for an efficient e-learning environment which allows you to proceed at your own pace, at your convenience, then you’ve found your solution! Enroll in the GTI Emergency Medicine Series today!


The Emergency Medicine Series is emergency medicine education online. We know your emergency medicine CEs are of vital importance to your expanded experience in the emergency world, as well as the stepping stone to upward mobility. Our program is specifically designed to provide comprehensive ENP review courses so that you stay at the top of your career. Included in GTI’s Emergency Medicine Series are courses involving:

  • Blood and Fluid Therapy: Shock
  • Post Resuscitation Care
  • Principles of Mechanical Ventilation
  • Cricothyroidotomy
  • Intubation


Rated one of the top ENP online review courses out there, GTI would love to add you to our ever expanding network of nurses! Begin your accredited continuing education for nurses today and fast track your way to CE completion and passing that ENP board exam!


Blood and Fluid Therapy: Shock

In this Emergency Medicine online course, you’ll focus on elements consistent with providing hemostatic resuscitation to avoid morbidity after blood transfusions. Course work includes defining types of shock, as well as pathophysiology of shock online courses. Imperative to your expert functioning in the field is knowledge of the principles and complications of fluid resuscitation. Lastly, you’ll examine vascular access and hematological issues associated with resuscitation.


Post Resuscitation Care

GTI knows the importance of patient survival after return of spontaneous circulation, based on your ability to provide the best FNP post cardiac arrest care possible. To that end, our courses include in-depth examination of the cardiac arrest process. This includes identifying causes of cardiac arrest and post cardiac arrest syndrome attributes. Classes also focus on treatment after cardiac arrest, including airway management, hypothermia, as well as glycemic and seizure control. This course also includes hemodynamic management.


Principles of Mechanical Ventilation

In today’s Covid-19 world, a major part of emergency medicine is managing airways with mechanical ventilators and performing advanced intubations. This makes GTI’s principles of mechanical ventilation e-learning course imperative for FNPs. Explore the types and modes of mechanical ventilation, as well as the principles and indications of mechanical ventilation management. You’ll gain invaluable expertise through your online course for mechanical ventilation procedures and parameters.



Another study included in the Emergency Medicine Series is that of Cricothyroidotomy,  an essential FNP skill. Cricothyroidotomy procedures are examined to provide safe, critical airway management. Included in e-learning Cricothyroidotomy course work is anatomy, clinical indications & contraindications, as well as patient preparation, procedure, equipment, and aftercare.



Perhaps one of the most used emergency medicine procedures for FNPs is intubation. This lifesaving and necessary skill of airway management is imperative for the emergency medicine field, in these times more than ever. Expand your intubation experience with the GTI intubation e-learning course.


With GTI’s Emergency Medicine e-learning series, FNPs are given the most cutting edge procedures and techniques to expand knowledge! Move up in your field while reviewing for your ENP exam and meeting your CE criteria. Most importantly, you get to do what you do best: save lives! GTI appreciates your dedicated service!